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  • What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head? What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head?

    The pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head is a supporting device for installing and fixing the camera. It can ensure that the camera can move in four directions, up, down, left and right, to obtain a wider viewing angle. The function and function of the monitoring PTZ is to support adjusting the camera focus, depth of field, and aperture to obtain better image collection effects at any time.

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Established 15 years ago, Blue Icon (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd (Below as “BIT-CCTV”), a national high-tech company, specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of high-quality CCTV surveillance equipment including pan-tilt head/positioner, long rang laser PTZ camera, IR thermal imaging PTZ camera, dual-vision PTZ camera, camera housing enclosures, camera mounting brackets and accessories, and provide custom pan-tilt products to meet our customers' various system/project requirements. Made with durable material, our products are tested to withstand continuous operation in the harshest condition. Our products have been widely used in over 40 countries across five continents.



As a professional pan tilt head/positioner maker since 2005, Bit-CCTV is knowledgeable and experienced to provide our customers with both FIXED CONFIGURATION PRODUCTS:

*  Light/Medium/Heavy Duty Pan Tilt Head/Positioner

* Long Range Laser Network IP PTZ Camera

*  Infrared Thermal Imaging Network IP PTZ Camera

Dual Vision Network IP PTZ Camera

* Vehicle Load Network IP PTZ Camera

* Explosion Proof Network IP PTZ/Fixed Camera

* Camera Housing & Enclosure

Camera Mounting Brackets

* CCTV Security Accessories

And also CUSTOM DESIGN for integration into their systems:

Because of the high cost and complexity of PTZ camera systems and various demands of projects in different regions, the fixed configuration of our own developed PTZ camera systems sometimes is not considered as the perfect choice for those customers who are capable of developing their own PTZ systems with their solutions and technologies for unique market/system situation. Instead, we offer customized design based on customer’s specific requirements and make modifications to our pan-tilt head and camera housings to support our customers build their systems for a win-win situation. Our experiences with custom design for CCTV surveillance solutions including but not limited to:

* Rotation Angle

* Real-Time Coordinate Feedback 

* Cable Wiring

* Painting Color

* Military Connectors

* Custom Camera Housing/Enclosure 

* Optical Window Glasses

Whether your priority is top-of-the-line performance or the most cost-effective solution, we can design a custom system to integrate into your system. 

+15 Years' Experiences

Bit-CCTV has been a manufacturer of CCTV security equipment since 2005. And for the past 10 years, with our rich experiences in pan-tilt positioning system, we start to focus more on this specific division and build a complete range of pan tilt products by dedicating to R&D and using the most advanced technology available.

Strict Quality Management

Bit-CCTV implements full ISO 9001 Standards in the manufacturing process to assure the consistency of quality. Besides, the whole production procedure including raw material stock level, production capacity, and expected dispatch date are all updated in real-time in our internal system. We aim to provide our customers with impeccable service, on-time deliveries, and high quality.

Customization Tailored for Various Applications

Bit-CCTV takes advantage of our in-depth knowledge of security solutions, and we never stop learning every available option and do not limit us to specific technologies, which allows us to find the best products and solutions for your application. We are wholeheartedly committed to the quality and performance of our products in your specific situation. We listen to our customers and care about every details in their requirements. If they are not satisfied, neither are we.