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  • What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head? What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head?

    The pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head is a supporting device for installing and fixing the camera. It can ensure that the camera can move in four directions, up, down, left and right, to obtain a wider viewing angle. The function and function of the monitoring PTZ is to support adjusting the camera focus, depth of field, and aperture to obtain better image collection effects at any time.

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CCTV Surveillance Camera that Applied in Border Control


Since early history securing a homeland and safe-guarding borders has been a time-honored challenge for all nations. Smuggling, forced intrusion, acts of terror and illegal immigration are just a few of the problems nations are facing along their borders. The challenge is to adopt a cost-effective solution that targets the specific threats of the country.



Border security and surveillance is a 24/7 operation that can't afford downtime or periods of reduced readiness. Guarding against illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism demands reliable long-range threat detection and positive identification of potential threats all day, all night, and in all conditions.

Whether your primary targets are small boats on the water, or people crossing borders on foot, BIT-CCTV’s high performance PTZ cameras can give you the early warning and threat assessment you need to respond efficiently and effectively. With industry standard interfaces, BIT-CCTV components like laser night vision PTZ camera, dual vision thermal imaging PTZ cameras are easy to integrate with the command and control solution you desire to create the rapid deployment solution you need.