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CCTV Camera Mounting Bracket

For the installation of network camera or camera housing & enclosure in video security projects, BIT CCTV is offering a variety of mounting brackets like wall mount bracket, pole mount bracket, corner mount bracket together with accessories like universal joint, clamps. These mounting brackets are made of high quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel with convenient design based on our years’ experience and understanding of video security camera installation.

To make sure that the most suitable mounting bracket will be chosen for your system/solution among our mounting bracket products line, it is highly suggested to send us an email to with your detailed technical requirements, so that you will get the correct mounting bracket model for your solution/project.

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  • What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head? What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head?

    The pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head is a supporting device for installing and fixing the camera. It can ensure that the camera can move in four directions, up, down, left and right, to obtain a wider viewing angle. The function and function of the monitoring PTZ is to support adjusting the camera focus, depth of field, and aperture to obtain better image collection effects at any time.

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CCTV Camera Mounting Bracket Types

How to Select Security CCTV Camera Mounting Brackets


Material: Brackets made of different materails have different strength, like complext fiber, aluminum alloy and stainless steel


Optional accessories: If other accessories will be needed


Color: try to choose CCTV camera mounting bracket with the same color as your camera and installation environment


Angle adjustment: If the bracket can meet the surveillance angle of CCTV camera.


Weight: If the mounting wall can stand the weight of the bracket and camera


Mounting types: wall mounting, corner mounting, pendant mounting, pole mounting etc. 

How to Mount a Security camera bracket for Different CCTV Cameras

If you buy a surveillance camera at home, you must first pay attention to the choice of CCTV bracket mounts. Universal camera mounting brackets are short, long, straight, and curved. Choose different security camera bracket according to different requirements. The outdoor CCTV bracket mainly considers whether the load capacity meets the requirements, and then there is the installation location. Because in practice, we have found that many outdoor cameras are installed in special locations. On the rack, due to various reasons, the existing rack may be difficult to meet the requirements, and additional processing like CCTV adjustable extension camera mounting bracket is required. The materials used for the pan tilt bracket are plastic, metal chrome plating, and die-casting. There are many kinds of brackets, and different camera mount types can be selected according to different use environments and different structures.

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