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Pan Tilt Head/Units With Housings

Besides regular pan tilt head positioners coming without housings for camera integration, BIT-CCTV also provide pan tilt unit with either top load or two side load housings for our customer’s easy integration with their own visible camera, infrared camera, illuminator or other devices. Choosing one of these pan tilt with ready housings will save lots of time and cost for quick system building. And based on current design, technical consulting and custom service are also available.

There are many types of pan and tilt heads, including ball heads, panoramic heads, hydraulic heads, camera heads. The various sizes, shapes, and prices of Motorized Pan Tilt positioner often dazzle buyers. In addition, the price of a heavy-duty professional pan tilt may be tens of thousands. Why is it so expensive? Because they are designed with precision engineering and are durable. As long as it is properly maintained, the cheaper pan tilt can also have a longer service life. 

If you want to confirm if your devices can be fit into our pan tilt housings, please kindly share 3D or 2D detailed dimension drawing with us for evaluation.

Pan Tilt Category

Load Capacity


Pan Tilt Head Positioner with Housing

Light Duty with Two Side Housings


Light Duty with Top Housing (One/Two Camera Cabin)


Medium Duty with Two Side Housings


Medium Duty with Two Side Housings


To make sure that the most suitable pan tilt head will be chosen for your system/solution among our pan tilt products line, it is highly suggested to send us an email to with your detailed technical requirements and specifications, so that you will get your perfectly customized pan tilt head for your solution/project.  

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  • What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head? What is the internal structure of the pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head?

    The pan tilt positioner/pan tilt head is a supporting device for installing and fixing the camera. It can ensure that the camera can move in four directions, up, down, left and right, to obtain a wider viewing angle. The function and function of the monitoring PTZ is to support adjusting the camera focus, depth of field, and aperture to obtain better image collection effects at any time.

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