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CCTV Surveillance Camera that Applied in Transportation And Traffic


The vulnerability of transportation and traffic system is as typical as any other security threat. IED attacks are the greatest risks in mass transits. Keeping essentials in mind, BIT-CCTV offers end to end highly networked and super flexible PTZ systems which can curb vandalism, thefts, burglary, bombings, false alarms for you and us to reach safely at our destinations.

End to end

BIT-CCTV, as a professional CCTV surveillance company, understands crime detection as the first move to deter crime. We want us to feel safe while moving in any transit. Adapt BIT-CCTV HD PTZ camera systems and multi mega pixel cameras to demotivate crime, deter criminals and situations to reduce the concept of letting them being able to commit crimes as and when they want.


Superior image detail

BIT-CCTV intelligently worked out bandwidth and massive storage capacities have excelled them to a different level. High surround sound, superior finish and high picture quality are essentials for BIT-CCTV to manufacture in any of their designs to offer you. Keep city safe, passengers safe, curb vandalism with our seamless operations.

Reduce liability costs with advance searches

BIT-CCTV won accolades and awards for its designed search functionality with non-blurred image detail. The detection of false liability claims, thefts, false alarms and what not can easily be covered in the systems. BIT-CCTV helps you to feel safe whenever you are out home for your loved ones.


Easy to use SSI

Surveillance Software Interface is designed in a manner wherein BIT-CCTV does not want your staff to induce much time in training, thereby reducing training costs and better time management. The staff can grasp the features of the products and their utilities within effortless intervals, apart from easy detection within the shortest time frame.