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Light Duty Pan Tilt Heads/Units

With the advancement of technology, heavy-duty pan tilt unit with various deficiencies have slowly withdrawn from the stage of history, replaced by light-load small Size Pan Tilt Unit with smaller equipment, lighter weight, and higher integration. Pan tilt head units are usually categorized in terms of load capacity, which is the most important thing users need to consider while selecting the right pan tilt head.

The weight of the whole machine is less, which can be easily carried by one person. Pan tilt heads/positioner are divided into light duty, medium duty and heavy duty according to the maximum weight of items pan tilt head is capable of loading. In our pan tilt head products lines, below are light duty pan tilt heads/positioners:

Pan Tilt CategoryMax. Load CapacityModel
Light Duty Pan Tilt Head Positioner3.5kg/7.72lbBIT-PT503
10kg /20.05lbBIT-PT410
10kg /20.05lbBIT-PT005

To make sure that the most suitable pan tilt head will be chosen for your system/solution among our pan tilt products line, it is highly suggested to send us an email to with your detailed technical requirements and specifications, so that you will get your perfectly customized pan tilt head for your solution/project.

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