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Reasons and Solutions for the Inability to Remotely Watch Video Surveillance

As the video surveillance system is recognized by everyone, more and more people protect themselves and their property by installing video surveillance cameras. But sometimes people will find that the surveillance cameras cannot be monitored remotely. What is the reason? How to deal with this situation? Today, Chengdu Wanquan Electronics will talk to you about this topic.

1. IP address conflict

The camera cannot remotely monitor the IP issue first. If the IP is specified manually, there may be a conflict between the IP of a camera and the IP of other network devices.

Solution: Re-specify the IP address of the camera, and the fault can be recovered.

2. IP number segment error

If it is a newly installed surveillance camera, during debugging, it is found that the surveillance equipment cannot be remotely monitored. First, consider whether the IP number segment is correct. Generally, the IP number segment distributed by the router is

Solution: Change the camera or DVR to automatically obtain an IP address, restart the DVR, and the fault can be recovered.

3. The network latency is too high

Sometimes, due to network bandwidth problems, we are always unable to connect to the device when we are monitoring remotely. It is also possible that the network latency is too high. At this time, we can use the standard definition image quality that comes with the APP to reduce the bandwidth requirements for camera transmission.

Solution: Change the picture definition to standard definition in the remote monitoring APP. The fault can be recovered.

4. Port mapping is not open

This situation is generally easy to occur after debugging or replacing the DVR. Remote viewing requires port mapping, if port mapping is not turned on, remote monitoring cannot be performed.

Solution: Check whether the UPNP setting of the router is turned on, and check the UPNP port mapping option in the hard disk video recorder.

5. The network cable is damaged or open circuit

The surveillance camera suddenly cannot be remotely monitored. It is very likely that the line is damaged and the camera picture cannot be transmitted. You can use a line tester to check whether the network cable is unobstructed.

Solution: replace the network cable.

6. Equipment power failure

The surveillance camera cannot be monitored remotely, it may be the power failure of the camera. Especially when a separate power supply monitoring camera is used, if a certain picture cannot be displayed, you should first check whether the power supply and network cable are faulty.

Solution: Replace the camera power supply

7. The surveillance camera is damaged

In some cases, the surveillance camera may be damaged due to the long service life of the camera or insufficient lightning protection measures.

Solution: Replace the surveillance camera.

The above are the common fault reasons and solutions for the remote monitoring of surveillance cameras. If you encounter a fault, deal with it calmly and check one by one. If you have other questions, please leave a message to discuss.

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