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100 Questions About Video Surveillance, Come and Get It! (1)

Video Surveillance

1. Why is the stabilized voltage supply used in the power supply system?

To prevent monitor and control unit from damages caused by the over-high or over-low voltage fluctuation of power supply.

2. Does the stability of the power supply influence the server-side surveillance system?

If the power supply is unstable, the computer will fail to operate normally and its own power supply or mainboard may be damaged.

3. What functions and parameters shall we note when choosing the stabilized voltage?

A: nominal power

B: overvoltage protection

C: overcurrent protection

D: output voltage range is AC110 or AC220

4. How shall we choose the stabilized voltage?

It depends on actual conditions. And it is required that the nominal power of stabilized voltage supply should greater than or equal to the sum-up of the gross power of all the electrical equipment.

5. How shall we use the stabilized voltage?

A: Connect the AC 220v power supply to the input of stabilized voltage supply.

B: Connect the power line of the equipment which needs the stabilized voltage protection to the output of the AC 220v of the stabilized voltage supply.

6. What is UPS?

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). It can stabilize voltage and frequency, prevent disturbance and electrical surge, etc.

Function: UPS can supply power for the electrical equipment for a certain period in the face of abrupt blackout.

7. What are the major functions of UPS?

A: The maximum discharge time of current

B: The protection of electrical surge

8. How to choose UPS?

A: It depends on the electricity consumption power of the equipment which needs protection.

B: It depends on the time of electricity supply when the equipment faces outage.

9. What are the advantages of equipping computers with UPS?

A: To prevent the computer from damages caused by the instability of voltage or the sudden interruption of power.

B: To provide the time of conserving data and shutting down when the interruption of power happens.

10. What is the function of the leakage protector?

When the electrical equipment is found leaking electricity, the leakage protector will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the safety and security of people and equipment.

Video Surveillance

11. How shall we install the leakage protector?

The leakage protector should be installed at the front end of the power supply of the equipment and be used together with the miniature circuit breaker.

12. How shall we test the leakage protection of the leakage protector?

In the case of circular power, press the button of leakage testing (usually the yellow one), and the miniature circuit breaker shall jump open; at the same time, the blue button jumps up. The miniature circuit breaker can only be closed when pressing the blue button.

13. How shall we use the leakage protector?

A: The protector shall be used together with the miniature circuit breaker.

B: The alternating current entry into the miniature circuit breaker first→ The miniature circuit breaker outputs→ the input side of the leakage protector→ the output side of the leakage protector→ load

14. How shall we judge whether the leakage protector damages or not?

A: Make the leakage protector no load.

B: Publish a circular to test if the function of the protector is normal.

15. What is the principle for the operation of the infrared lamp?

The multiple beams of infrared light are projected through lightening many groups of the infrared emitting diode (λ=850nm).

16. What is the major function of the infrared lamp in the surveillance system?

A: Provide a light source alternative to make the video camera image clear when light beams are inadequate.

B: Ensure the concealment of the surveillance system.

17. How shall we correctly choose the infrared lamp?

A: It depends on the surveillance area.

B: It depends on the distance between the camera and the monitored target.

18. How shall we install the infrared lamp in the surveillance system?

Usually, it is installed beneath the camera and its angle is in accordance with the camera shot.

19. How shall we judge whether the infrared lamp damages or not?

Make the camera focus on the infrared lamp. When the lamp is operating normally, the lighting situation can be clearly seen through the monitor, and the lamp may be damaged if the lighting can not be seen.

20. What are the major functions and parameters of the regular infrared lamp?

A: Central wavelength:λ=850nm

B: Effective distance: 10m-100m

C: Angle of projection: 70°

D: Power supply: 130~260V

E: Working temperature: -30℃~60℃

F: Power consumption: 12W

G: Waterproof level: GB55

H: Structure: all-weather aluminum

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