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100 Questions About Video Surveillance, Come and Get It! (6)

Video Surveillance

91. What impact does the power supply have on the server-side monitoring system?

A: Unstable power supply (too high, too low) will damage the computer.

B: Too much power ripple system will cause video interference.

92. What are the regular and simple maintenance of the server-side monitoring system?

A. a computer

B. Host hardware connection system

C. Monitoring sub-machine

D. Video and data composite cables set up between the host and the monitoring sub-machine.

93. What impact does the surrounding environment of the server monitoring system have on the video and audio signal quality and communication data of the monitoring system?

A, video interference

B. Deterioration of sound quality

C. The communication data cannot be sent and received normally, and the control is invalid or delayed.

94. How to simply judge whether the speaker and microphone are damaged?

Check the MIC and SPK through the MIC and SPK ports on the sound card. Note: Do not mute the MIC and SPK items.

95. How to solve the phenomenon that the video image of the camera is blurred or whitish at night?

A: The image is blurry at night, readjust the focus of the camera.

B: If the image is whitish, you can adjust the illumination angle of the infrared light.

96. How to simply judge the blue screen failure on the server-side monitor screen?

A. Check whether the video signal routing input is correct.

B. Check whether the Q9 head of the video signal input is in good contact with the video input terminal of the AV controller or whether the Q9 head of the input terminal is soldered.

C. Check whether the power supply of the video signal camera of this road is normal.

D. Check whether the video line is open or short-circuited.

E. Check whether the camera or lens is damaged.

97. Reasons for PTZ control failure:

A. The transmission line is too far;

B. There is interference in the transmission line;

C. Too many front-end control devices


A. Check the line to eliminate interference;

B. Install a code distributor at the back end

98. How to calculate the storage time of the recorded data of the hard disk video recorder?

1 channel 1 hour storage capacity (G) = stream * 3600 seconds/8/1024/1000

99. What is dual stream?

That is, the hard disk video recorder can output two streams at the same time, the main stream is for local recording storage, and the sub-stream is for remote access.

The two code streams can be set with different code rates to meet the transmission requirements of different bandwidths.

100. Why does the camera have black bars when the camera reaches the night?

A. The power supply is not enough;

B. External interference;

C. The camera itself is faulty.

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