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2021 Global Security Top 50 Companies

This year's global security top 50 list is finally released. Although the security industry has been affected by the epidemic in the past 1-2 years, the global ranking does not seem to be affected. Except for the emergence of a new challenger, Motorola Solutions, the position of leading companies remains solid.

Motorola solutions enter the top ten for the first time

  According to the revenue ranking in 2020, the top ten of the top 50 global security companies this year are: Hikvision, Dahua Co., Ltd., ASSA ABLOY, Axis, Motorola Solutions, Univision Technology, Tiandi Weiye, Anlang Jie, TKH Group, Hanwha Techwin . Hikvision and Dahua’s revenue in 2020 were 8.3 billion U.S. dollars and 3.8 billion U.S. dollars, respectively. Although under the influence of the epidemic, the two figures have increased by 7.73% and 1.21% respectively compared with 2019. Its main driving force is the vigorous development of the Chinese market, which provides a stable growth soil for both.


Top 10 Video Surveillance Companies in the World-Sales Revenue in 2020 (Million USD)

  In this year's top ten list, Motorola solutions debuted on the top 50 list and ranked fifth. Its security equipment sales revenue in 2020 was US$927 million, an increase of 30.75% over 2019.


In recent years, Motorola Solutions has been increasing its investment in the field of security and has achieved remarkable results. Motorola has greatly expanded its product line through the acquisitions of Avigilon, IndigoVision, Pelco, Openpath, Envysion and other companies in recent years. From the initial wireless communication equipment manufacturer to the current security vertical market, it has matured With the deepening of the market, its brand influence is constantly strengthening with its video surveillance solutions and access control system solutions.

  In addition to Motorola, the new faces on the list also include Siteway, Intelbras, Gallagher, Fordtek, and Blue Star. Except for Intelbras (Brazil) and Gallagher (New Zealand), all other companies are from China.

  Global security top 50 Chinese companies are about to reshuffle

  In this year's list, in addition to Taiwanese companies, a total of 16 mainland Chinese companies are on the list, and their income accounts for the vast majority of the total income of all the lists.


16 mainland Chinese companies accounted for 62% of the total revenue of the list

  In this global market survey of the top 50 security companies, a&s found that some Chinese security companies have begun to shift their business focus and extend to areas other than security. For example, Infineon currently focuses its business on digital services, and the security business only accounts for 50% of the company’s business. the following. In terms of overseas business, Infineon has sold its overseas assets March Networks to Delta, a Taiwanese company in China, and is still planning to sell its overseas business Swann. At the same time, in addition to focusing on video surveillance, Suzhou Keda's video conferencing business has also continued to grow. Under this trend, the top 50 global security companies in China next year may reshuffle their cards again.

  It is worth reminding readers that because the global top 50 security guards are based on the sales in the global market and are based on voluntary financial statements of listed companies or private companies audited and approved by certified public accountants or accounting firms, some Well-known and outstanding companies are not on the list due to various reasons. At the same time, in order to be in line with industry trends, the scope of this year's top 50 companies has been expanded to domestic listed companies or multinational listed companies.

  The list is only a ranking of the turnover of the past year, and does not represent the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, let alone the future growth and growth potential. Here we also appeal again that readers should pay more attention to the fundamental factors of the success of all companies on the list and not focus on rankings.

  Declining corporate performance has become the main theme

  Another thing worthy of readers’ attention on this year’s list is that the number of companies whose revenues have fallen in 2020 is shocking. Although the total revenue of 50 security companies in 2020 was US$25.12 billion, which was an increase from US$24.39 billion in 2019, more than half (28) of the performance declined during the same period, which was ranked among the top 50 global security companies in the past. Has never happened before.

  Although this is unprecedented, the impact of the epidemic on the global economy is far beyond people's imagination. The reduction of project budgets, project delays, and supply chain imbalances have a huge impact on security companies. "Due to issues such as supply chain and project delays, the global security market will suffer a'disruption' of development in 2020. Therefore, even if some companies have maintained a growth trend for 10 years, they will still be affected." Frost and Sullivan industry analyst Danielle VanZandt said.

  Despite the sluggish global economic environment, some companies on the list have achieved reverse growth, and the data in their financial reports are still very eye-catching. To summarize the growth of these companies, reasonable supply chain management deployment is the key.

  "The threat of the epidemic to the entire security industry still exists, leading to changes in global market demand and supply chains. In order to meet these challenges, we use innovative technologies and product solutions to meet the different needs of the market, and maintain with global partners Work closely to achieve sustainable development.” said Keen Yao, vice president of digital technology at Hikvision.

  "Faced with the complex and changeable market environment, Dahua has ensured the delivery of projects through two aspects: On the one hand, Dahua insists on investing in research and development strategies to ensure product stability and iteration; on the other hand, Dahua has increased inventory and Strengthen technical support, form strategic cooperation with suppliers, and maintain the stability of raw material supply. At the same time, Dahua shares continue to carry out technological innovation, continuously strengthen core technologies, and accelerate the deployment of new products, which greatly enriches the application scenarios of Dahua solutions. "Fu Liquan, chairman of Dahua Co., Ltd., said.

  "During the epidemic, the supply chains of various industries have experienced different disruptions. This is a challenge that companies must face during this special period. Axis has been committed to establishing a strong supply chain system for the past ten years. Form a strong ability to resist risks. In this epidemic, we have strengthened our close cooperation with global suppliers on the basis of strengthening the supply chain, and actively looking for positive ways to deal with current problems." Axis CEO Ray Mauritsson said.

  During the epidemic, it is important to provide solutions that suit the needs of users. “During the epidemic, users’ demand for non-contact solutions continues to increase. Anlangjie quickly responded to market demand and launched corresponding anti-epidemic security products and solutions to practice'creating a seamless and safe world for customers' The idea of bringing users a more secure and convenient service." Vince Wenos, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Anlangjie said.

  Industry recovery is inevitable

  With the reduction of the impact of the epidemic, the recovery of the global security industry is inevitable. "It is expected that the industry will begin to recover in 2021. Many security companies have tailored solutions for the fight against the epidemic. At the same time, many projects that have been delayed due to the epidemic have begun to restart and are advancing, and users' budgets and investments have also begun. Return to normal. Therefore, it is estimated that the industry can achieve a growth rate of 3-5% in the next few years. Although it will not be able to return to the level before the epidemic in the short term, this is a good start after all. It is expected that the industry growth rate will recover by the end of 2022. To the level of 7-10%." VanZandt said.

  “In the first half of 2021, Dahua achieved revenue of US$2.09 billion, a year-on-year increase of 37.27%, and net profit reached US$254 million, a year-on-year increase of 20.03%. These data also strengthened Dahua’s vision for the future. Over the years of industry accumulation, Dahua has made breakthroughs in the layout of new businesses. Whether it is smart home solutions or smart city solutions, with the blessing of new technologies such as artificial intelligence , users’ demand for smart solutions is releasing. It will become an important growth point for Dahua in the future." Fu Liquan said.

  “The market’s requirements for security products and solutions are getting higher and higher. We believe that new technologies will help the innovation of products and solutions to meet the various needs of users. For example, SMB users are in digital transformation, cost reduction and increase There is a strong demand for efficiency, and fusion and intelligent solutions can meet the needs of users in this regard.” Keen Yao said.


Revenue growth of some of the top 50 global security companies in the first half of the fiscal year (2020-2021)


  It is undeniable that there will be "abnormal" phenomena in the development of various industries in 2020. This has been reflected in the global security top 50 list-there are more loss-making companies than profitable companies. However, with flexibility, innovation and forward-looking layout, some companies still achieved reverse growth in the face of global challenges. The epidemic is coming to an end. Looking back over the past two years, the security industry has quietly changed. In addition to safety and prevention, users have begun to demand health and digital management. The paradigm shift of the industry has begun, which will test the agility and responsiveness of enterprises. This will also become a necessary capability element for successful companies in the future.

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