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Application of conductive slip ring

The Internet is a symbolic product of the information age. Since the end of the 20th century, the Internet has really entered thousands of households. As the degree of automation and intelligence becomes higher and higher, and labor costs become more and more expensive, many productions are turned to intelligent industrial robots to replace manual manufacturing. Under such a general trend, conductive slip rings are used in intelligent machinery In terms of arm and automated robot applications, it will become more and more extensive. What follows is a massive amount of information appearing in front of you, just like spring flowers competing to bloom, all kinds of information vying for attention. The word "information explosion" began to appear in our field of vision. When information is provided to the public in the form of products and services, there will naturally be countless information demanders. In fact, whether it is work or life, whether it is health information or daily necessities of life, whether it is our slip ring products or those who need conductive rings, etc., slip rings are inseparable from almost all affairs in life, from military to civilian. To open the use of information, there are providers of information products.


The most important thing about the conductive slip ring is the contact. First, the structural design of the conductive slip ring must ensure the reliability of the contact and ensure that all lines are connected continuously. The conductive slip ring assembly is composed of a slip ring body, a precious metal contact point assembly, a fixed bracket, Concentric ball bearings and other important components, the design and manufacturing process of large components will affect the wear life of the slip ring, the conductive ring material of the slip ring mandrel is usually made of copper, brass, coin silver or gold material, The surface of the conductive ring needs to be plated with multiple layers of precious metals to reduce the impedance so that the metal body can be quickly turned on in an instant, prolonging the wear-resistant life of the slip ring and reducing electrical noise. In order to ensure that the brush is in full contact with the conductive slip ring and the conductive ring, the conductive ring is designed to be in contact with the slip ring of the "V" ring groove, so as to transmit the signal and conduct the current. Therefore, the material used for the brush is required. The electrical conductivity should be very good, the pressure of the elastic pressure on the slip ring should be appropriate, the eccentricity and shaking deviation of the slip ring should be reduced, the wear resistance is good, the friction torque is small, and it is easy to maintain. Also consider shielding, impedance matching, noise voltage, etc.


Conductive slip ring is a kind of precision mechanical parts, the level of technology directly determines the quality of the product, experienced designers will make up for some common processing defects by using the design principle, in engineering design, often encounter The most important thing is how to connect with a running part. The biggest function of the conductive slip ring is to ensure the connection of the equipment during free rotation, usually including power and signal transmission. Therefore, the characteristics of the early stage of the manufacturing process are to make full use of 3D modeling tools and simulation tools to fully expose and display the problems in the processing process, so that the level of the process can be grasped at the time of design, and the process of the subsequent links can be laid. good foundation.

The slip ring is a precise component, and each process has strict operation requirements, and the working attitude of the operator also plays a vital role in the quality of the product. Such as: quality problems of insulating materials may lead to leakage and so on.

For slip rings, of course, the larger the insulation performance, the better. At the very least, the insulation resistance between the rings must be greater than the withstand voltage without being broken down, otherwise the reliability of the slip ring will easily go wrong. The electric slip ring is composed of many rings, the smaller the distance between the rings, the better. But in reality, it depends on whether the groove can be processed, and more importantly, the insulation strength between the rings can be guaranteed after the glue is poured. The radial size of the conductive slip ring is large, and the glue filling is easy, but the size is small, the glue filling is difficult, and its dielectric strength mainly depends on the formula of the insulating material and the process of glue filling.

Contact resistance

Then why take contact resistance as a very important technical indicator? Because, if the contact resistance of the conductive slip ring is too large, the temperature at the contact point will rise a lot when the current passes, and even cause the welding of the brush wire and the slip ring, and the contact voltage drop will increase at the same time, which will affect the information transmission effect . Therefore, the smaller the contact resistance, the better.

So, what are the main factors that affect the size of the contact resistance?

There are mainly the following factors: 1. The contact form of the contact surface and the pressure during contact 2. The material of the contact part

The requirements for the material are that the material has good thermal conductivity, high melting point, high electrical conductivity, small temperature coefficient of resistance, anti-sulfurization, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosive gas and other characteristics. The requirements for brush wire are also relatively high, and gold-nickel wire can be used , but gold-nickel wire is expensive. Depending on the application of the product, brass wire can be used instead.

The above three points should be placed in a very important position, whether it is for slip ring users or slip ring manufacturers, and it can be said to be the top priority. Only in this way, our slip ring products will be Guaranteed, our basic components are guaranteed, and our various automated machinery and equipment are guaranteed.

Even the smartest person in the world cannot know everything. It is a miracle created by the Internet that the experience of people with expertise in various fields can be gathered together and provided to those who have needs in certain aspects. It is definitely a kind of progress of society, and it will promote the progress of society.

The development and arrival of the Internet of Things era is unstoppable. Now we have clairvoyant eyes and ears, and in the near future we will have clairvoyant hands that can control thousands of miles away. The future world is just like the one seen in American science fiction films. We can use our mobile phones to see everything at home and control the electrical appliances at home. It is no longer necessary to hire a nanny to clean the house, make coffee, etc. Intelligent robots can solve everything. Our car can find a parking space by itself like Zorro's beloved horse. All these intelligent functions can be solved. Robots will be as common as mobile phones are now. Not long ago, mobile phones were considered very far away, and they entered thousands of households without knowing it. These are what modern people have to face, the pace of life is accelerating, and the changes are changing with each passing day. As the creators of the times, we should also be the enjoyers of the times. The development of the Internet of Things will inevitably bring a bright prospect to the joint connection component conductive slip ring industry. Youlikai Electronics will go all out to face the development opportunities brought by the times.

The material requirements are also quite strict, the insulation performance and voltage resistance of the insulating material. The choice of contact material should not only have good electrical conductivity, but also be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. There are also some equipments that are outdoors, and the annual temperature difference is quite large. Some places are minus 30-40 degrees in winter, and some working environment temperatures reach 70-80 degrees in summer. Therefore, these factors must be fully considered in material selection and inspection. .

The voltage connected in a small slip ring is sometimes thousands of volts, the current is hundreds of amps, and there are various complicated signals. When passing through hundreds of lines at the same time, how to insulate the channels and how the signals between the lines are different? interfere with each other. Definitely not an easy task, and this is where designers need to think carefully.

A designer can represent an image in the publication using computer simulation. Modeling Modeling is usually the first step in a rapid prototyping technology system. Mechanical drawing enables construction work of any kind to be carried out with accurate time and data, and a skilled person in this field may have found a better way to fix the part, correcting these problems by modifying the original design or damaged parts may require modification . Drawings of this type are also used to plan the newly added process or processes.

The details of the processing and production links determine the quality of the slip ring. During the slip ring processing and production process, the early drawing design and planning must pay special attention to details and key points of the process.

During production, the quality of the slip ring must be well controlled, first of all to avoid mistakes in the design, in addition to working carefully at ordinary times, at the same time, more than two people reviewing engineering drawings can also minimize the occurrence of mistakes. After entering production, the first piece of each product must pass the inspection of the personnel of the quality department before mass production can be carried out. For the material number, size, material, installation process, and assembly of each component of the slip ring, All requirements must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements on the engineering drawings. The quality problem of the internal bearing of the conductive slip ring may cause the rotation to be unsmooth.

A design engineer may want to introduce value-added design into an existing part, but the factory may be reluctant to release its internal CAD files for proprietary reasons. The task started with a mechanical 3D slip ring product model. It is more effective to assist in conveying ideas and design. In the production process, the size control must be processed in strict accordance with the requirements of engineering drawings. For engineering drawings, it must be approved by two designers before entering the production process. After the completion of each process, the engineering drawings must be checked before the next process. .

Stability and reliability of slip ring

The main technical indicators of slip rings include insulation performance, anti-interference performance, contact resistance, etc. This paper focuses on the above three issues, and it is widely used in precision conductive slip rings in equipment such as astronomical navigation, photoelectric tracking, photoelectric measurement and photoelectric search. Analyze item by item.

As a key component of automation equipment, slip rings have a very precise relationship between their stability and reliability and the stability and reliability of the entire equipment. It can be said that the former determines the latter, so high-quality slip rings are essential for high-precision Precision instruments and equipment are extremely critical. The following is a description of the technical research on the stability and reliability of the slip ring.

Application of conductive ring on high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit:

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, Internet, and communication in recent years, various video products have been deeply developed, and series products such as mobile phone video, computer video, and surveillance video system have been widely used. The high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit is the most popular video product recently. The high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit is a high-tech product integrating optics, machinery, electronic technology, network and other disciplines. It can rotate freely and quickly to take stable and clear pictures. Of course, it is also inseparable from the conductive ring. The conductive ring provides stable transmission of image signals and motor power when it rotates freely. The quality of the camera is not only affected by the high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit hardware and the precise structure of the motor, but also by the transmission effect of the conductive ring. The conductive rings used in high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/units are required to have strong anti-interference performance.

The conductive ring should meet the high performance of the high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit:

The horizontal and vertical directions of the high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit are driven by two progressive motors, and all motion commands sent to the high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit through the conductive ring system are realized by the microprocessor to control the operation of the motor. The motor plays a vital role in the stability of the high-speed dome, such as preset point high-speed scanning, high-magnification low-speed capture, pattern scanning, automatic tracking and single-point zoom accuracy are all through the precise control of the motor. In addition, the anti-shake of the camera picture when controlling the minimum speed is also an important indicator to measure the quality of the high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit. During the transmission of these control information, it is also very important to maintain the accuracy and stability of signal transmission. The high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit also has the function of intelligent identification, which can be used to lock and monitor the monitoring target, automatically track the direction of motion, and record the entire process of the movement of the monitoring target within the monitoring range.

The conductive ring adapts to the new direction of the high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit:

The latest network high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit has been developed rapidly. It combines the traditional high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit with Internet information technology, and brings a new space for the development of high-speed dome camera/pan tilt head/unit slip rings. On the original basis, image and voice modules and network access modules are used to achieve the purpose of intercommunication between image data, audio data and the Internet, and the functions of intelligent tracking and wireless transmission are realized through the high-speed dome itself. The types of signals involved in this way are very complex, and there are high requirements for the anti-interference performance of the conductive ring. The anti-interference performance of the conductive ring should be fully considered during design. Generally, complex application environments require the use of 12-core or 24-core conductive rings, and some even require 36 cores or higher.

As the degree of automation and intelligence becomes higher and higher, and labor costs become more and more expensive, many productions are turned to intelligent industrial robots to replace manual manufacturing. Under such a general trend, conductive slip rings are used in intelligent machinery In terms of arm and automated robot applications, it will become more and more extensive.

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