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Common Misunderstandings in the Purchase of Night Vision Cameras

Users' misunderstandings of night vision cameras can easily affect the purchase and the later using experience of the camera. This article sorts out the common misunderstandings in the industry at present, so that readers can better understand night vision cameras:


Misunderstanding 1: Night vision cameras can only see black and white images

In people's traditional impression, it is easy to associate "night vision" with "black and white", but now with the development of low-light and ultra-low-light technology, as well as the progress of sensors and chips, the camera can also achieve full-color functions at night. At present, in the industry, cameras need to work 24 hours a day, and night vision capability is an important indicator, so many manufacturers are competing in this regard.

But it is worth noting that although many night vision PTZ cameras can provide full-color functions, they still have a certain relationship with the light. If the ambient lighting conditions are within the illuminance range supported by the camera, an additional fill light is needed to collect the corresponding image information.

Misunderstanding 2: There is no defect in the technology of night vision camera

There are currently three main types of mainstream night vision technologies: starlight, black light, and AI super low light. Starlight technology relies on image sensors, black light relies on supplementary light, and AI ultra-low light relies on algorithms. Because of different implementation forms, there will still be differences in some scenes: Starlight technology uses starlight-level image sensors which are equipped with lens with a large aperture. Although it can expand the amount of light, but also reduce the depth of field of the image. Therefore, if it is used in scenes such as the traffic block port, it is still necessary to quickly capture moving people and objects, so there are certain requirements for the shutter speed. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to capture invalid image; black light technology adopts the combination of infrared light + LED warm light and supplementary light, which is easily affected by foreign objects, such as anti-explosion film pasted on car glass, people wearing anti-infrared clothing, which can cause color distortion.

Misunderstanding 3: Night vision cameras can see more clearly during the day

The imaging of the camera depends on many factors, such as depth of field, wide dynamics, resolution, weather, etc., so comprehensive evaluation is required. The night vision function of the camera cannot change the above factors, so the low-light technology will not change the effect of the camera during the day.

Misunderstanding 4: Buying night vision cameras mainly depends on performance parameters

Often users will equate performance parameters with the night vision performance capabilities of the product, which is actually too one-sided. In fact, many users find that these performance parameters are not equivalent to the actual performance capabilities of the camera after purchasing the camera.

Without comparing different models of the same brand, users will not be able to feel the difference between these models with different performance parameters. Although in the short term, this purchase method can be satisfying, but in the long run, it is difficult to ensure the true applicability of the camera if users focus solely on the parameters.

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