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Definition and Function of Preset Position

1. Explanation of preset position function

When the user operates the terminal's monitoring pan/tilt to monitor the target through the control device, the operator can set the current monitoring target to a preset position, such as a moving point pan/tilt, which can be rotated in 365° or 360° to monitor; the operator can set the places that need to be monitored, such as windows, counters, desks, entrances and exits, and car storage as preset positions; the preset positions can be operated by the control device software to save the current position on the decoder of the terminal monitoring pan-tilt. When the user needs to quickly monitor a monitoring target, the location that needs to be monitored can be called out through the call command of the control device. This is the meaning of the preset function.

2. Which products have preset function?

The function of preset position first appeared in the high-end product of the surveillance industry, the high-speed PTZ. With the popularization of products, many common built-in decoder pan/tilt, medium-speed pan/tilt, zoom PTZ and external decoder all have preset function.

3. What is the use of the preset number?

The number of presets refers to how many presets can be set in a preset decoder pan/tilt (camera dome) for the host operator to set. Generally, there are 64, 128, and 256 preset positions; the number of preset positions of the product has a certain meaning.

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