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Do You Know What the Pan-tilt Head of the PTZ Video Camera Is?

1. Introduction of PTZ video camera

A PTZ video camera is a camera with PTZ(Pan/Tilt/Zoom). It is equipped with a device for carrying the camera to rotate in both horizontal and vertical directions. Mounting the camera on the PTZ enables the camera to take pictures from multiple angles. Two electric motors are installed in the pan/tilt. The angle of horizontal and vertical rotation can be adjusted by limit switches. PTZ video cameras are divided into indoor PTZ and outdoor PTZ.

2. More about PTZ video camera

The PTZ is the supporting equipment for installing and fixing the camera. It is divided into two types: fixed and motorized pan and tilt head. The indoor PTZ has a small load-bearing capacity and no rain protection device. Outdoor heads are heavy-bearing and have rain-proof devices. In addition to rainproof devices, some high-end outdoor PTZ cameras also have antifreeze heating devices.

The fixed pan-tilt is suitable for the situation where the surveillance range is not large. After the camera is installed on the fixed pan-tilt, the horizontal and tilt angles of the pan-tilt camera can be adjusted. After reaching the best working posture, it is only necessary to lock the adjustment mechanism. Motorized pan and tilt head is suitable for scanning and monitoring a large area, and it can expand the monitoring range of PTZ video cameras.

The high-speed attitude of the motorized pan and tilt head is realized by two executive motors, and the motors receive signals from the controller to operate and position accurately. Under the action of the control signal, the PTZ video camera can automatically scan the surveillance area, and can also monitor the object under the control of the staff on duty in the surveillance center.

The pan-tilt of a PTZ video camera can be divided into a horizontally rotating pan-tilt that can only rotate left and right and an omnidirectional pan-tilt that can rotate both left and right and up and down according to the characteristics of its rotation.

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