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How slip rings work

A slip ring is an electrical component responsible for connecting and transmitting energy and signals to a rotating body. According to the transmission medium, slip rings are divided into electric slip rings, fluid slip rings, and smooth rings, which can also be collectively referred to as "rotary communication" or "rotary communication". Slip rings are usually installed at the center of rotation of the equipment, and are mainly composed of two parts: rotating and stationary. The rotating part is connected to the rotating structure of the device and rotates with it, called the "rotor", and the stationary part is connected to the energy source of the fixed structure of the device, called the "stator".


Slip rings can be used in any electromechanical system that continuously transmits power and data signals with 360° rotation, and are often called conductive slip rings, brushes, adapters, collector rings, collectors, rotary joints, collector rings, and return rings , commutator, etc., its principle is to realize the precision transmission device of the current, data signal or image and power transmission of two relative rotating mechanisms. It is often used in the field of 360° unlimited continuous rotation, which requires the transmission of electrical signals and data signals from a fixed position to a rotating position.

Its structure is mainly composed of elastic materials (electric brushes), sliding contact surface materials (conductive rings, precision small steel bearings, insulating plastic materials, and resin bonding materials. The electric brushes are made of precious metal alloy materials into "II" shape and conductive The "V" and "concave" grooves of the ring are symmetrically double-contact, and use the elastic pressure of the brush to slide with the ring groove of the conductive ring to transmit signals and currents. It is a key component of electromechanical equipment in various industries, such as precision rotary tables, cable equipment , wind power generation, single crystal furnace, filling and packaging machinery, automatic revolving door, etc.

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