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How to Install Surveillance Cameras?

Step 1: Take out the bracket and prepare the tools and parts: plugs, screws, screwdrivers, small hammers, electric drills and other important tools; check the size and model of the plugs and self-tapping screws according to the pre-determined installation position, and try a Test whether the screws of the bracket and the screw holes of the camera base are suitable, whether the pre-buried pipeline interface is handled well, and whether the test cable is unblocked, and then enter the installation procedure when it is ready.


Step 2: Take out the camera, carefully install the lens according to the pre-determined model and specifications of the camera lens (the infrared integrated camera does not need to install the lens), be careful not to touch the lens and CCD (marked in the figure), and confirm the fixation After it is firm, connect the power supply, connect the host or use a monitor, small TV, etc. on site to adjust the aperture focus.

Step 3: Take out the brackets, plugs, screws, screwdrivers, small hammers, electric drills and other tools, and install the brackets according to the pre-determined positions. After checking for firmness, install the camera in the agreed direction;

Step 4: If you need to install the shield, after the second step, start installing the shield directly from here.

1. Open the hood upper cover and rear cover.

2. Pull out the fixing metal sheet and fix the camera.

3. Put the power adapter into the shield.

4. Reset the upper cover and rear baffle, straighten out the cables, fix them, and install them on the brackets.

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