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Industrial applications of thermal imaging cameras in the post-epidemic era

In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic has changed people's lifestyles, but also changed the development and future of many industries.

During the epidemic, sales of thermal imaging cameras that can measure temperature accurately over a long distance have surged, and thermal imaging cameras in public places are even more difficult to find. But as the epidemic subsides, where are the future opportunities for thermal imaging cameras?

In fact, in addition to remote temperature measurement and detection, thermal imaging cameras also have functions such as night vision imaging, and their applications in security monitoring, fire protection, traffic management and other industries are full of imagination. In other words, in the post-epidemic era, thermal imaging cameras still have broad market prospects due to their rich applications.

Application of thermal imaging camera in intelligent transportation

In traffic monitoring, the use of optical cameras has been very extensive. But in fact, thermal imaging cameras are equally promising.

Thermal imaging technology can penetrate smoke, rain and snow, and is not limited by visible light for 24-hour imaging. On the one hand, the thermal imaging camera can work with the visible light camera to complete the clear and zero-interference monitoring work; on the other hand, thermal imaging can measure the temperature without contact, and monitor the operating status of transportation equipment in real time. Once abnormal over-temperature is found, the staff will be immediately reminded to conduct


Railway:Monitoring of live equipment at traction station

Highway:HOV Lane violation monitoring

High speed railway:Pantograph temperature monitoring

Subway:Leakage and live equipment monitoring

Thermal imaging applied for fire protection

A common tool for fire prevention is a smoke sensor, but in a large space environment, the smoke spreads out, which is not conducive to sensing, and the fire may have spread when it is sensed. And the advantages of thermal imaging fire protection are significant:① Real-time monitoring of large spaces, thermal imaging cameras can capture abnormal heating and output alarms during the rising phase of ignition temperature。② Through the thermal image, the hot spot can be accurately located, reminding the staff to intervene immediately, and control the fire in the early stage.

③ Intelligent linkage between thermal imaging and fire fighting system can automatically prevent fires。

There are plenty of opportunities for thermal imaging cameras in various fire prevention scenarios such as energy, forests, environmental

Oil depot fire warning monitoring

Forest fire prevention


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