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Introduction to the Application and Purchase Skills of Security Camera Brackets

1. Classification of security camera bracket

(1) According to the material, it can be divided into metal security camera bracket, plastic security camera bracket, etc.;

(2) According to the type of use, it can be divided into monitor brackets, CCTV camera brackets, probe brackets, exterior corner brackets, pan-tilt brackets, etc.;

(3) According to the shape, it can be divided into universal bracket, I-shaped bracket, L-shaped bracket, T-shaped bracket and duckbill bracket, etc.

2. Introduction to the application and purchase skills of security camera brackets

(1) Application range of security camera bracket

The security camera bracket is widely used in the fixed position of the security monitoring equipment of the monitoring system of national defense, broadcasting stations, transportation, stock exchanges, intelligent buildings, etc.

(2) The purchase of security camera bracket

With the development of high-tech networks and the improvement of people's living standards, the application of video surveillance security has also been extensive, from the early single engineering to diversification, especially the civilian security, which has attracted more and more attention, will become the new area with the most potential for development for video surveillance security. So how to choose a suitable security monitoring equipment bracket?

In order to better fix the camera to a certain position, choosing a suitable bracket is not a trivial matter. Indoor brackets are long, short, straight, and curved. Choose suitable brackets according to the use environment. The outdoor bracket should be selected in consideration of its load capacity and outdoor environment, and then there is the installation location, because in practice we have found that many outdoor cameras are installed in special locations, some are installed on telegraph poles, and some stand on tower cranes. Some are installed on the iron frame. Due to various reasons, the existing frame may be difficult to meet the requirements and requires additional processing or improvement. The materials used for the stents are plastic, metal chrome plating, and die-casting. There are many kinds of brackets, and different types of brackets can be selected according to different use environments and different structures.

(1) If you install the bracket on the ceiling: the ceiling top base bracket, one end is fixed on the ceiling, the other end is an adjustable direction spherical rotating head or an adjustable tilt platform, so that the equipment can be aligned in different directions. There are straight cylindrical and T-shaped points. 

(2) If you install it on a wall: a wall-mounted bracket, one end is fixed on the wall, and its vertical plane is used to install the device. For a camera system without a pan/tilt, the camera can be directly fixed on the bracket or fixed on the spherical rotary joint on the bracket or on the adjustable tilt platform. 

(3) If you are installing in the corner: the wall bracket plus the mounting connecting plate can form the corner bracket, and the corner bracket plus the cylindrical mounting connecting plate can be installed on the cylindrical pole.

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